Register of Merit

The MSCC Register of Merit recognizes Canadian bred Miniature Schnauzers, who have contributed to the advancement of the breed in Canada, through their demonstrated ability to conform to the breed standard, produce quality offspring and/or represent the breed in performance tests.

For eligibility, a Miniature Schnauzer must be:

  • Canadian bred and born.
  • Nominated by a MSCC member in good standing.
  • Have earned the title of Champion at Canadian Kennel Club Championship show.
  • Have accumulated a minimum of 10 points on the ROM scale.
  • Accepted to the ROM by an affirmative vote of a regular meeting of the MSCC.
  • ROM Scale of Points:

    Points will be awarded dogs who have completed the following:

    Temperament Test 1 pt
    Therapy Dog 1 pt
    Companion Dog 1 pt *
    Companion Dog Excellent 3 pt *
    Utility Dog 5 pt *
    Sire of Canadian Champions 2 pts each
    Dam of Canadian Champions 3 pts each

    * Obedience points would be inclusive - thus a maximum of 5 points could be earned in that discipline.

    Dogs may be nominated posthumously. All titles must be supported by documentation at the time of nomination. Champions produced must have been published in the CKC official pages.

    The Miniature Schnauzer Club of Canada Register of Merit

    The following dogs have been inducted to the Register of Merit as of December 2022. Names listed are in chronological order.


    Am. Can. Ch. Caldora's Returning Ace ROM

    Am.Can.Bda. Ch. Frontenac's Bigfoot ROM

    Ch. Fronsen Gypsy ROM

    Ch. Frontenac's Cannon ROM

    Am.Can.Ch.Hobo 2nd ROM

    Ch. Minuteman Bump In The Night ROM

    Ch. Naibara's It's Hard To Be Humble ROM

    Ch.Naibara's Midnight Special ROM

    Ch. Naibara's On The Move ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Private Stock ROM

    Ch. Onotio Scout ROM

    Ch. Rosehill Poco's Impression ROM

    Ch. Am. Can. Ch. Sylva Sprite Snowy Mittens ROM

    Ch. Tannenbaum Sunday Punch ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Oh For Sure ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Yes Yes Yes ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Ever Ready ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Just Top Dollar UD ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Eleventh Hour ROM

    Ch. Minuteman Evergreen Everblue ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Benalta Batman ROM

    Ch. Annfield Hitchhiker ROM

    Am.Bda.Can.Ch. Moondreamer's Presumed Innocent ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield In Very Good Time CDX ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Portofino d'Audigny ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Naibara's Wizard Of Awes ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Kaydees Snow Ranger ROM

    Ch OTCh Advocate's Black Gemstone CGC ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman 100 Rifles ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Touch n Go ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Empire's Distant Galaxy ROM

    Ch. Empire's Stargate SG1 ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Hide The Cat ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman No Fear ROM

    Ch. Minuteman Ten Dead Cats ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Fixation ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Al Waze In Trouble ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Tempting Trouble ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Jukebox N Blessingtons Mazroc ROM

    Ch. Middlegate Almost Famous ROM

    Ch. Meinnkismah's Not So Macho Man ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Empire's Rising Sun ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman All About Flyfishing ROM

    Ch. Silvercastle Cum Dream With Me ROM

    AmGCh.CanGCh. Naibara's I Believe ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Medicine Man ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Deutsche Mark ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Empire's Red October ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Kaydees When Yur Hot Yur Hot ROM

    AmGChB.CanCh.Minuteman Up With The Birds ROM

    AmGChG.CanGCh.Minuteman Justified ROM

    Am.Can.Ch.Scandals Humble Boy ROM

    Am.Can.Ch.Scandals Green Jacket ROM




















    Ch. Annfield Choral Cadenza ROM

    Ch. Annfield Justa Jewel ROM

    Ch. Annfield Very Vogue ROM

    Ch. Frontenac Aveline D'Audigny ROM

    Ch. Frontenac Cleopatra's Pearl ROM

    Ch. Frontenac Franc Pirate ROM

    Ch. Frontenac's Heidi Ho ROM

    Ch. Frontenac's Poupee De Luxe ROM

    Ch. Jena's Joanna ROM

    Ch. Jo An Alaur's Anastasia ROM

    Ch. Koerad's Midnight Serenader ROM

    Ch. Massawippi The Ring Bearer ROM

    Ch. Minuteman's Green Eggs And Ham ROM

    Ch. Minuteman Pyromania ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Almost An Angel ROM

    Ch. Naibara's A Saint I Ain't ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Be My Valentine ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Black Eyed Susan ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Glowing Embers ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Midnight Rhapsody ROM

    Ch. Sensation's Amanda C ROM

    Ch. Sensation Tribute To Frontenac ROM

    Am. Can. Ch. Stargazer's Shoot The Moon ROM

    Ch. Tanyetta Sumerwynd Limerick ROM

    Ch. Caldora's Annaliza ROM

    Ch. Annfield Sure Return ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Just In Jest ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Rare Reflection ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Rave Review O Shantay ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Reggae's Jungle Fever CD ROM

    Ch. Annfield Just One Like Me ROM

    Ch. Moondreamer's Calico ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Imagine That ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Total Imp Partiality ROM

    Ch. Kaydees Renascent Rho's ROM

    Ch. La Splendeur d'Audigny ROM

    Ch. Advocate's Misty Maiden ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Empire's Dark Angel ROM

    Ch. Empire's Dual Dimenson ROM

    Ch. Kasseidon Double Debut ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Winning Strategy

    Can.Int.Ch. Naibara's Stock Option ROM

    Ch. Caldorra's Contessa ROM

    Ch. Minuteman These Boots ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Empire's Indigo Moon CD CGC ROM

    Ch. Jukebox N Goldwill's Cha Cha ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Oh So Very ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Annfield Very Much In Touch ROM

    Ch. Scandals Scarlett O'Middlegate CGN ROM

    Ch Scandals Middlegate Zinger ROM

    Ch. Annfield Empire Strykes Bak ROM

    Ch. Empire's Reach For The Moon ROM

    Ch. Empire's Terra Nova ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Kaydees The Quick And The Dead ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Fancy This ROM

    Ch. Beauideal Doctor Doctor ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Whisper To Me ROM

    Ch. Riobel I Did It My Way ROM

    Ch. Minuteman Faster Pussycat ROM

    Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Repitition Romantica ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Dare To Dance ROM

    Ch. Naibara's Supermodel ROM

    Ch. Mimicker's A Gypsy Rose Lee ROM

    Am.Can.Pl.Ch. Empire's Pi In The Sky ROM

    Ch. Rho D's Something Fishy ROM

    Ch.MOTCh. Moondreamer Summer Magic ROM

    Ch.Mimicker's Daydream Believer ROM

    Ch.Silvercastle Now And Forever ROM

    Ch.Villam's Flame In My Heart ROM

    Am.Can.Ch.Scandals Million Dollar Baby ROM

    Ch.Scandals Vendetta ROM

    Am.Can.Ch.Maiha Wind Me Up Tight ROM

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