Education Booklet

Before buying a Miniature Schnauzer, please consider the following:

  • Is the guarantee designed to expire before problems are likely to appear?
  • Why do knowledgeable breeders test puppy eyes?
  • Avium Tuberculosis - what should I know about this fatal immune disorder?
  • Does the breeder exploit disallowed colours or sizes?
  • Our goal is to preserve and protect the Miniature Schnauzer from commercial exploitation.

    Learn about evaluating breeders and guarantees, health and genetic issues, grooming, training and more. Your best protection is to be informed.

    For a copy of our informative booklet, please send $10 (to cover printing and handling) to:

    Miniature Schnauzer Club of Canada,
    c/o Barbara Bell
    160 Stibbard Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4P 2C3

    $10.00 Cdn to addresses in Canada and the US. (International shipping extra.)

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